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Why Choose Us

● NBC Electronic Technological Company Limited was founded in 2006, a professional power supply solution provider and origin factory;

● NBC have four factories with different product lines: power connectors&wire harness processing&precision hardware and die casting products&metal and plastic mesh;

● Certified factory: ISO14001&ISO9001&IATF16949      UL&CUL&TUV&CE&VDE;

● Maintain long-term cooperation with the world’s first-line brand customers, especially for Uninterrupted Power Supply and Crypto mining industries;

● American office located at Atlanta, Georgia, fast response and be ready at all times;

● Group building activities are held regularly to build good team atmosphere and high recognition of the company;

● Actively participate in relevant exhibitions at home and abroad to open our eyes to the world;

● Welcome to visit our company!


Company News

MicroBT Whatsminer Integration

MicroBT miner PSUs above 250V use exclusively our ANEN SA2-30 power connector. ✳Models include M36, M50, M53, M56.. series ✳Single-phase 277V, or three-phase 380V/480V ✳Air, Hydro, and Immersion Cooling ✳3KW, 5KW, 7KW, 10KW PSU power ✳SA2-30 is rated 600V 50A, UL certified We also supply power ca...

Touring MicroBT’s impressive showcase of Hydro Cooling system in Houston

My colleague Mr. Shawn is touring MicroBT’s impressive showcase of Hydro Cooling system in Houston. The M53 series of Hydro cooling miners have 480V 3-phase supply with max power 10KW. Thanks to MicroBT integrating our SA2-30 connector to miner PSU. We are glad to supply connector sockets, ...

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